Hidden Gems of the Western United States

Get inspired to hit the road and discover the America you never knew existed!

Journey from the Texas Hill Country through the dry deserts of the Southwest and discover emerald pools in hidden river canyons, ancient ruins so big they once rivaled the Coliseum in Rome, and endless acres of otherworldly badlands. Head west through Nevada and California, uncovering twisting Martian landscapes, a hidden beach with purple sands, blazing waters of a “firefall,” and rolling hillsides blanketed with brilliant wildflowers.

Travel through the Pacific Northwest and trace early pioneer landmarks, stand among the skeletal remains of what was once the largest waterfall in the world, encounter a rolling masterpiece of red and yellow hillsides, and explore rocky shores home to some of the most violent displays of raw Pacific Ocean power. After you’ve experienced the thrills of the Pacific, head back east toward the Rockies and find rocks that sing, disappearing rivers, and an unknown valley of cotton candy-colored cliffs.

Over 130 hidden gems

These are only a fraction of the sites what you’ll come across in this book that covers over 130 hidden gems found in the contiguous western United States. Throughout the entire book, you’ll find beautiful photographs brilliantly showcasing these stunning destinations and fascinating insight into the geology, cultures, and environments of these places that will allow you appreciate all the spectacular sights upon your arrival.

Every entry also includes essential information such as hours, admission prices, and pet policies, not to mention many specific tips that have been gleamed from hundreds of hours of research and personal experiences. Directions and “big picture” maps to each place are also provided as are distances and estimated travel times to nearby attractions and major cities that make planning your trips much more efficient.

Benefit children gaining access to our national parks

Not only will you be helping yourself find out all the need to know info on these places but you’ll also be benefiting a tremendous cause with your purchase. 25% of net profits from the sales of this eBook will be donated to programs that focus on helping children gain access to national parks with the understanding that exposing them to the beauty of these parks is vital for protection of these lands in the future.

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