Hi, my name is Daniel Gillaspia and I’m a recent law school graduate of the University of California–Berkeley ’13 and proud alumnus of Texas A&M University ’10 (Gig ’em, Ags!).

After visiting Yosemite National Park in California for the first time I quickly fell in love with all things National Park related.  I realized that America’s National Parks are special places that present far more than just stunning canyons, waterfalls, and mountains to admire.  They’re places where unforgettable memories are made that force you to grow in many different ways.  It took me getting lost and dehydrated in middle of a backcountry hike to realize it, but I eventually discovered that these amazing places are where I felt most alive and connected to myself and to the world.

I created this site to share these amazing places with others so that they too can have the same experiences. You’ll find an array of information on this site. I love investigating what’s behind the millions of years of geology in these places and understanding the ancient cultures which once roamed these places. I’m also constantly learning about the wildlife and plant life that have survived in these sites for thousands of years. 

I also look at national parks as places where art is created. I love photography and there’s nothing better than spending a day (and night) hiking around, combining physical activity with creativity and photographing these brilliant landscapes. If you’ve got some great shots from any of your recent trips, feel free to share them with the Facebook page below!

While adventurists of all skill levels should benefit from the material on this site, perhaps those will get the most out of this website are those who are just starting out on their adventures into nature and are looking for some practical advice on getting out to these places. No matter what angle I focus on in my articles, I try to at least include some practical tips and advice for each place so that every reader can benefit in their trip planning.

One thing you may notice after going through this website is that I  have a love for those places that are lesser-known.  Sure, the Grand Canyon may be the most marvelous landscape in the world, but there are tons of other places that most out-of-state visitors or novice explorers aren’t aware of and some of them are located right in our backyards.

Overall, I hope that you enjoy the content on this website and don’t hesitate to send any questions or comments my way!

Thanks for reading!

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